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Feb 8

Why You Need an AED in your Work Space

When someone goes in to cardiac arrest. When we have a victim of cardiac arrest it comes down to either a plumbing issue or an electrical issue.  Plumbing issues are clogged or blocked arteries and electrical issues are lack of nerve signals getting to the heart muscle.

Plumbing issues can be very difficult because of the blockage of the flow of blood from the heart, lungs and brain. Electrical issues cannot be fixed by traditional CPR, chest compressions and breathing as the heart needs an electrical shock to get restarted.

When you assist the cardiac arrest patient with a Zoll AED, the unit will inform you as the First Responder as to whether it is a plumbing or electrical issue and then walk you through the steps to provide the victim the greatest chance of survival.

The Zoll unit will either provide the correct amount of electrical current to the victim and then coach the First Responder regarding the proper depth and timing of compressions to breath, or it will notify you that it is a plumbing issue, walking you through compression-timing and depth.

Whether it is a family member, co-worker or stranger, we all want to see the person have the greatest chance of survival. In the 75 years of CPR first aid training here at TSS we know that any AED is better than none but we recommend the ease and reliability of the Zoll AED.

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