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Safety Training

CPR/First Aid with AED

A major anxiety for any successful Manager or business owner is worrying whether or not their employees are adequately trained to handle emergency type situations.  Safety training in general not only brings your entire staff together for a collective hands-on learning experience, it gets everyone involved and thinking as a team!  It’s obvious that CPR, First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training programs are the most sought after within our industry and that’s why we’re consistently updating our teaching methods to ensure employees walk away certified using the latest most reliable techniques.

We use the training curriculum maintained and produced by the American Health & Safety Institute (HSI) — A world leader in emergency response, care, and safety training.  Each training course is designed with the upmost attention to detail you could only expect from a nationally recognized health and safety leader.  These courses are engaging from start to finish and we know from experience that participants learn much more effectively using the hands on approach while the videos help round out the overall theory or concepts.

Call or email us today and learn more about the following programs:

–          CPR/FA (Basic) – For general public.

–          CPR/FA (Pro) – For medical professionals.

–          CPR/FA (Infant) – For general public and daycare providers.

–          CPR/FA (Wilderness) – For those who spend time outdoors away from emergency response.


Bloodborne Pathogens

You might not see it, but it can be there! How to avoid potential contamination from blood and/or body fluids is likely the most valuable information you can learn today. This two hour course, not only teaches you what to be prepared for, but how to clean up a spill at home or work. This training is great continuing education for those in the healthcare field, but also highly recommended for anyone who works with people. Even knowing how to properly clean and dispose of materials at home can reduce potential contamination. Class time is 2 hours.


Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors

Is your staff member behaving oddly? Is it a medical problem or a substance abuse problem? Learn how to document behavior, when to send for a drug screen and what drug screen to ask for. This training meets the Department of Transportation federal requirement of training supervisors on recognizing substance abuse in the workplace. TSS updates this training annually with new trends in substance abuse, as well as localized information for your area.

Class time – 2 hours. Via WEBINAR and CLASSROOM.


Designated Employer Representative

Did you just get appointed to be the DER of the workplace drug program for your company? This training walks you through all the steps in maintaining your records, updating information with your consortium provider and audit pitfalls. While designed for the new DER, we update this training annually, so even a seasoned DER can learn something.

Class time – 2 hours. Via WEBINAR and CLASSROOM.