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Professional Development

TSS offers a large variety of employee training options for your business. We focus our training on your specific needs and can make changes based on what you need. Here at TSS, we don’t believe in doing any trainings that aren’t fun or work that we don’t enjoy, so we make it a priority to have fun trainings.

Give ‘em the Pickle

Highly entertaining and motivational, the Give ’em the PICKLE! training will inspire management and employees to do the most important thing they can do in business…take care of the customer. A fun look at how we can find those “pickles” that will make the customer continue to come back to the business based on the service. Our most popular training, we focus it on how employees can provide “service” to each other, along with the community they serve. Length varies from 2 to 4 hours, based on your needs.


This 2 hour session focuses on change in the workplace. Often change leads to complaining and complaining leads to the entire group becoming negative. How do we complain well? By learning the skills to problem solve and build the team confidence. Created and presented by TSS, Inc.’s Renee Schofield, this has been a highly successful program.

Playing ALL OUT

Finding the right players, putting them in the right positions matters, and that’s how we win. A fast paced 2 hour presentation built around sports teams, we use different analogies depending on the season. Using the positions on the team, we travel through how without each person doing their job, the team cannot possible win championships. We talk about how the coach can create a culture and how players who don’t like *football* shouldn’t be on the team.


A fact finding mission for the team about what the goals are for specific time periods and outlining them with the S.M.A.R.T system. Renee Schofield will facilitate honest discussion among your team about their expectations. It’s a fun and a great learning experience about where the team is going and why. Time elements vary due to how in depth the team wishes to go.

Let’s FLY

Based on airline safety speeches, this training deals with how employees can and should support each other (especially as new team members come into the workplace). Using the type of aircraft, the exits, the oxygen and seat belts in relationship to your work environment, we can create a strong visual of how important each employee is to the other.

Specialty Trainings

Do you have a specific objective you would like to meet? Renee Schofield is available to create and present a training seminar based upon your specific need. Often, what companies/organizations really need is just an open space to talk about what their needs are. Renee can facilitate these discussions in our training facilities, creating an open, objective environment for groups to learn, open up and discuss.