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Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors

Is your staff member behaving oddly? Is it a medical problem or a substance abuse problem? Learn how to document behavior, when to send for a drug screen and what drug screen to ask for. This training meets the Department of Transportation federal requirement of training supervisors on recognizing substance abuse in the workplace. TSS updates this training annually with new trends in substance abuse, as well as localized information for your area.

Class time – 2 hours. Via WEBINAR and CLASSROOM.


Designated Employer Representative

Did you just get appointed to be the DER of the workplace drug program for your company? This training walks you through all the steps in maintaining your records, updating information with your consortium provider and audit pitfalls. While designed for the new DER, we update this training annually, so even a seasoned DER can learn something.

Class time – 1.5 hours. Via WEBINAR and CLASSROOM.