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May 24

Summer Safety!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us! BBQ’s, fishing, boating and family will kick into high gear for the summer. I look forward to doing those fun summer things with my friends and family, sharing time together and creating special memories with each other. That’s one of my favorite things.
At TSS, summer brings a busy schedule. Making sure Department of Transportation requirements are met, drug and alcohol screening supplies are available and at the ready for our clients, and providing safety information to multiple agencies. We’ve added a huge list of safety trainings to our offerings, since being joined by Matt Gibson, our safety trainer. Matt brings over 20 years of safety training experience to our team. That’s a lot of classroom and field experience. And we’re ready to bring it to you.
As employers, our mission is to get our jobs done and send our employees home safely, every day. Doing so, increases revenue and improves the morale of the people who dedicate their time to our business. I like that. Taking care of people. There are lots of rules in the workplace that govern safety. OSHA sets policy and provides the guidelines and has the enforcement powers to be sure we keep people safe. How we do it is sometimes the challenge. Small employers don’t always have the ability to enjoy an on site safety manager . That’s where we come in. Our ability to visit your workplace, review your policies, and provide required training, keeps you in compliance and your people up to date on best practices. With the experience of our team, you pay for what you need, when you need it, at your location or ours. We can tailor the training to your workplace and your team.
Sometimes, just navigating the OSHA rule can be daunting. Watch for our webinars, classroom training and teleconferences that will address various rules and regulations. Many of those trainings will be free to you.
Summer is here. Let’s work and play hard…. Safely. Visit our website to learn more and follow us on FB!