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Keokuk Office & Staff Members

All of our staff are trained and certified professional collections technicians, friendly and eager to meet your needs for screening and safety!

Tina Zweifel, CPCT, BAT

Eric Bartholomew,

This office provides drug and alcohol screening services for workplace and community safety. Our certified professional collections staff can perform hair testing, oral fluid testing, urinalysis, sweat patch testing and breath alcohol screening whether in rapid format or lab-based. We also provide DNA/Paternity tests should you need one for court-mandated or personal verification. Background Checks and fingerprinting services are also available at this office. Need a drug and alcohol policy or safety training? How about First Aid and CPR classes? Contact the Keokuk team to schedule an appointment. We provide consortium management for random pools, as a TPA we offer personalized services that fit your needs.

Welcome to our office, located at 906 Main Street in Keokuk.

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