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Jun 21

Kids Don’t Float – Life Jackets Do!

David Martin, TSS, Inc. Water surrounds us everywhere in Alaska. We work, play, live and harvest much of our food from the water. In the last ten years there have been more than 450 drowning deaths in Alaska; 11% of the drownings were children under the age of 15 and 42% were boating related. The […]

Jun 18

Sunscreens and SPF Numbers

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. You’ll see commercially available sunscreens touting SPF numbers from 2 all the way to 100. This number indicated the product’s ability to block out the sun’s ray. While no sunscreen is effective in blocking out 100% of the sun’s rays, it’s always best to go with an SPF of […]

Jun 15

What Determines a Confined Space?

A confined space is a place that is partially closed, where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space (e.g. lack of oxygen). Spaces that are more than four feet in depth, such as pits, tubs, vaults and vessels are just a few examples. Permitted confined space is used to describe […]

Jun 15

Protect Your Pet From the Heat!

1. Never leave your pet in a car, even with a window ‘cracked’ open. 2. Make sure your pet has unlimited, fresh water. 3. If kept outside, make sure your pet has plenty of shade. 4. Walk dogs during coolest parts of the day. 5. Dogs can burn their paws on hot surfaces. Avoid walking […]