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"Competent Person" - OSHA

Who is considered one? Answer inside

Lessons in Electrical Safety

NJ Medical Center cited by OSHA...

January 2018 Newsletter

In this Edition: CEO updates, new Juneau employee, preventing frostbite & hypothermia, and upcoming workplace harassment training.

OSHA Top 10 Safety Violations

For some companies, fines exceeded $1M USD

Winter Slips, Trips & Falls

Tips for preventing icy injury...

Workplace and community screening services

small-logo1All business have a need for some element of safety. From on-boarding a new employee with background and drug screening to providing ongoing OSHA mandated testing support, TSS, Inc has the expertise to manage your safety program. Working across the United States, we have the ability to service your needs, wherever they are. The nationally certified staff is available to provide training, screening and support, around the clock. TSS staff constantly monitors local, state and federal laws to manage strong compliance for your workplace needs. Safety is no accident and we work hard to maintain yours.

What our customers are saying…

Ketchikan may be an encapsulated (on an island) community, but we are really lucky to have some superb services like TSS that wouldn’t ordinarily be available in a town this size. Today businesses need to be proactive and TSS is dynamic and motivated to provide a wealth of services!
Jacquie Messenger-Meck

Having worked 2 winters for TSS Inc , I would say their work ethic and commitment to doing the right thing goes above and beyond any companies in their field. We are also a customer of TSS Inc. with our guide service.I am one of the few that can say both as a employee and a customer that TSS Inc is a great company to work for or with!
Terry Sappah owner operator at Sappah & Son

We have always appreciated the professionalism, and confidentiality of your staff when dealing with our employees. Your company is truly a leader in our community, and we Thank you.
Judy Zenge – The Plaza Mall

When you build ships, you need good support partners. TSS has been our safety partner for over 13 years.
Doug Ward, Alaska Ship & Dry Dock

TSS, Inc. does amazing things for our communities. Renee and her company always put SAFETY FIRST!!!
Nichole Pope

As a company operating in several remote Southeast Alaska communities, it is sometimes difficult to get the safety and compliance services you need in a timely fashion; TSS consistently provides comprehensive and confidential service with competitive pricing and great turnaround times.
Alaska Marine Trucking, LLC – Bill Merk

The Juneau site is very convenient. We receive timely responses to information requests.
Curtis Francis, Four Seasons Marine Services

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